We are a partner pool for Astarter ISPO Merged Staking
We are also a NUNET SPO partner

The OLEUM Stakepool was set up by Nick to provide somewhere for a small group of friends to stake their ADA. Slowly the pool grew and in 2021 and peaked at over 7M ADA delegated. This was partly due to support from IOHK, who delegated 3M ADA for several months.

Reinvestment was made through 2021 and the original servers upgraded. In 2022 the difficult decision was made to relocate the servers to a much improved managed cloud infrastructure. The cost of this is much higher but is now “state of the art” and has 5 relay servers.

This puts OLEUM in a very secure position having made 420 blocks with around 1.1M delegated stake as of Epoch 371. We are here to stay so a very safe choice for long-term set and forget delegators.

All servers (including this webserver) run on 100% carbon free energy supplies – wind hydroelectric and solar. The OLEUM stakepool understands that the environmental impact of the Cardano blockchain must be minimised to remain sustainable. Our delegators, like our pool, are set to be here for the long run.

We still have a small group/family atmosphere but welcome newcomers to join us in our telegram group. There is often very informed discussion of all aspects of cryptocurrencies although the focus is obviously on Cardano
If you’d like an invite to the group please make contact in any official Cardano telegram group (message オレウム ᴏʟᴇᴜᴍ ˢᵗᵃᵏᵉᵖᵒᵒˡ ). This Administrator can put you in touch with the PRIVATE telegram group.
Come and say hello and if you like the vibe you can delegate through any good Cardano wallet, just search the ticker OLEUM.

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Our block producer, our 5 relays and our website running on 100% carbon-free energy
We use a mix of Hydroelecric Solar and Wind to power our infrastructure