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Welcome to the OLEUM stakepool

The OLEUM stakepool is a staking pool which is exclusively for the Cardano cryptocurrency ADA.

The OLEUM Stakepool is run by Nick

Your funds NEVER leave your wallet and you can spend them at any time with no penalty.

You automatically receive staking rewards worth around 5%  p.a. directly into your wallet.

We recommend using Yori wallet or Deadalus wallet software to store and stake your ADA.




The OLEUM stakepool was designed to

  • Operate with 100% reliability
  • Protect our environment

The OLEUM stakepool

Stake to us

We designed our stakepool using

  • Bare Metal – for reliability and to ensure decentralisation

  • VPS – for redundancy and reliability

We believe in the future.

We designed the OLEUM pool to make the smallest carbon footprint we could.