On 5th August 2022, after almost 9 months of collaboration, OLEUM has partnered with the Astarter Defi project.

Investment from OLEUM into the project and Nick working as an ambassador for the project (one of the 5 wise AWLS), lead to this collaboration.
OLEUM Stakepool will be an Astarter Partner pool. Delegation to OLEUM before epoch 360 will entitle delegators who are in the snapshot and remain with the pool to an enhancement multiplier.

Partnership Announcement

Whilst the ISPO itself will be conducted on Astarter’s own pool(s)
Staking ADA with OLEUM will provide an early bird benefit for the Merged Staking Protocol, where delegators will be able to earn both 100% of their $ADA AND $AA tokens for participation.

This is an exciting development and we are proud to be a part of it.