Astarter 360 Epoch Day

Yesterday there was an Epoch Day event on the Astarter Discord. I asked several questions which delegators had enquired about. There was also some information regarding the schedule of the IDO TGE and ISPO that came out of the discussion or can be inferred by comments made by Jon (Astarter Marketing and Community). The session… Continue reading Astarter 360 Epoch Day

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Astarter Ambassador and AWL Program

Astarter? The Astarter project, recruited its first cohort of ambassadors in Q4 of 202. Many of these are now AWLs. In Q3 of 2022 the project is in the countdown to launch and we need even more highly motivated ambassadors to evangelise our project within the blockchain community. We want you to be out there… Continue reading Astarter Ambassador and AWL Program

Epoch Days explained

Periodically the Cardano blockchain starts a new EPOCH. These currently consist of 21600 blocks which are made every 20 seconds. So a new EPOCH (why do Americans pronounce this as “epic”?) starts every 5 days.The OLEUM stakepool made its first block in EPOCH 217 back in September 2020. We are now in EPOCH 357 and… Continue reading Epoch Days explained

EPOCH days

Nick will be present at the EPOCH days meeting. Please come and say Hi. Astarter ISPO Epoch Day #1 Topic: Astarter Ambassador Community Call Join by Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 876 2439 5161Passcode: EPOCHDAY Everyone is welcome to join this zoom call.