Epoch Days explained

Periodically the Cardano blockchain starts a new EPOCH. These currently consist of 21600 blocks which are made every 20 seconds. So a new EPOCH (why do Americans pronounce this as “epic”?) starts every 5 days.
The OLEUM stakepool made its first block in EPOCH 217 back in September 2020. We are now in EPOCH 357 and will begin EPOCH 358 on Thursday 18th August 2022 at 9:45 p.m. UTC.

At the boundary of each EPOCH rewards (in ADA) are distributed by the Cardano blockchain protocol from a “Treasury”. This is an automated process and any delegators to OLEUM or any other stakepool are rewarded for delegating their ADA by a small amount for each block made.

The exact amount depends on many factors not least of which is the amount of ADA delegated to the pool.

To commemorate this and to raise awareness for the upcoming ISPO and MSP (merge staking protocol), the Astarter Ambassadors, AWLS and Team are celebrating Epoch days with meetings in Zoom, in Discord and in Twitter spaces. These will be to disseminate information about the upcoming ISPO and MSP. Participants are also free to ask also about the upcoming releases of $AA token the launchpad and DEX platforms. These are parts of the wider Astarter Defi infrastrucure coming in 2022/3.