Astarter Ambassador and AWL Program


The Astarter project, recruited its first cohort of ambassadors in Q4 of 202. Many of these are now AWLs. In Q3 of 2022 the project is in the countdown to launch and we need even more highly motivated ambassadors to evangelise our project within the blockchain community. We want you to be out there explaining how Astarter will help to launch new strong projects on the Cardano blockchain. These new projects will have undergone a process of due diligence and Astarter will support their launch with its range of services.

Holding $AA tokens will enable participation in the token launches for these projects. The first token to be launched via this program will be the $AA token itself. $AA tokens will also be available through an ISPO and through “merge-staking” through Partner and Associate stake pools.

Astarter Ambassadors

This is our minimum expectation for our ambassadors.

  1. Always conduct yourself in a professional manner, your behavior will be a reflection of the project out in the community.
  2. Be familiar with the latest project documentation and communicate our ideas clearly to those in your social networks.
  3. Attend AACC (Astarter Ambassador Community Calls) on a regular basis. Here we will disseminate information about the project which you can share with the wider community.
  4. Participate in social media by sharing links to our announcements.

Astarter AWLs

As you work beyond this there will be the opportunity to apply for a position of one of the WISE AWL group. These are ambassadors who exercise governance over the ambassador program alongside the Astarter Team. There are 3 tiers of AWL

  • Space Awl is awarded to Ambassadors who have made noticeable contributions, attending Astarter Ambassador Community Calls and engaging on Astarter social platforms.
  • Moon Awl is awarded to Ambassadors that have gone that extra mile in their contributions by producing content that can influence and help guide the project and community.
  • Star Awl is awarded to Ambassadors that have shown initiative and self-motivation above and beyond the role of Ambassador.


AWLS will receive $AA token airdrop for promotion to Space AWL and again for further promotions to Moon AWL and Space AWL. Ambassadors will be eligible to apply for promotion after each bi-monthly reward period.
These will happen from 1st October 2022 and every 2 months thereafter.

AWLS also receive ongoing token rewards for remaining engaged in the program. These will be accumulated (prior to the TGE) every 2 months starting with 1st October 2022. Rewards after TGE will be airdropped every 2 months on 1st of the month.

These are the levels of rewards AWLS will receive — all are in number of AA tokens.

Astarter AWL rewards program

Of course we want to reward everyone participating in the Ambassador Program, so we will be recruiting 100 ambassadors over the coming weeks. EVERY Ambassador recruited will be eligible for a whitelisting (subject to satisfactory KYC) enabling them to buy $AA tokens at a special price in the upcoming token sale. Full details of the number of tokens is yet to be confirmed but is in the order of 250–500 $AA tokens. The pricing cannot be confirmed until closer to the date of the token launch — which will be on the Astarter launchpad itself.

Apply HERE